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Hangzhou JUSTONE Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2000

Hangzhou JUSTONE Industry Co., Ltd (Zhejiang Menre Shock Absorber Manufacture Co., Ltd) was established in 2000, which was one of the large-scale and complete commercial vehicle shock absorber manufacturers in China.Custom OEM Non-Suspension Shock Absorbers Manufacturers and Wholesale Non-Suspension Shock Absorbers Suppliers. The purpose of the company is to provide customers with excellent and stable quality, accurate and timely service, transparent price and competitive shock absorber products. The company mainly produces all kinds of commercial vehicle shock absorbers, cab shock absorbers, seat shock absorbers and shock absorber stamping parts. At present, the company has provided shock absorber products to nearly 20 domestic and foreign main engine plants, with annual sales of nearly 200 million yuan and output of more than 4 million pieces.
As Wholesale Non-Suspension Shock Absorbers Factory, Juston Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained IATF16949 quality system certification since 2007; it was rated as national high-tech enterprise in 2015; its laboratory was rated as provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in 2016; and it was rated as Hangzhou factory Internet of things and industrial Internet pilot (demonstration) enterprise in 2018. Since its establishment, the company has been strictly following iatf16949 management system, using ERP, MES, WMS and all kinds of intelligent equipment to continuously upgrade the factory, which has become the benchmark of domestic intelligent manufacturing enterprises.
Hangzhou Justone Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Justone Industrial Co., Ltd.



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