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Hangzhou JUSTONE Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2000

Hangzhou JUSTONE Industry Co., Ltd (Zhejiang Menre Shock Absorber Manufacture Co., Ltd) was established in 2000, which was one of the large-scale and complete commercial vehicle shock absorber manufacturers in China.Custom OEM ATV Shock Absorbers Manufacturers and Wholesale ATV Shocks Suppliers. The purpose of the company is to provide customers with excellent and stable quality, accurate and timely service, transparent price and competitive shock absorber products. The company mainly produces all kinds of commercial vehicle shock absorbers, cab shock absorbers, seat shock absorbers and shock absorber stamping parts. At present, the company has provided shock absorber products to nearly 20 domestic and foreign main engine plants, with annual sales of nearly 200 million yuan and output of more than 4 million pieces.
As Wholesale ATV Shock Absorbers Factory, Juston Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained IATF16949 quality system certification since 2007; it was rated as national high-tech enterprise in 2015; its laboratory was rated as provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center in 2016; and it was rated as Hangzhou factory Internet of things and industrial Internet pilot (demonstration) enterprise in 2018. Since its establishment, the company has been strictly following iatf16949 management system, using ERP, MES, WMS and all kinds of intelligent equipment to continuously upgrade the factory, which has become the benchmark of domestic intelligent manufacturing enterprises.
Hangzhou Justone Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Justone Industrial Co., Ltd.



How do heavy truck chassis shock absorbers accommodate varying load capacities and weight distributions encountered in commercial trucking applications?

Heavy truck chassis shock absorbers are designed to accommodate varying load capacities and weight distributions encount

How do heavy truck chassis shock absorbers work to dampen vibrations, reduce jolts, and improve ride comfort and stability?

Heavy truck chassis shock absorbers play a crucial role in dampening vibrations, reducing jolts, and improving ride comf

What maintenance procedures are recommended for heavy truck chassis shock absorbers to ensure optimal performance and longevity?

Maintaining heavy truck chassis shock absorbers is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some

How shock absorbers function in an ATV suspension system?

In an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) suspension system, shock absorbers play a crucial role in managing the vehicle's response to uneven terrain. The primary function of shock absorbers is to control the movement of the suspension by dampening the oscillations created when the ATV encounters bumps, jumps, or other disturbances. Here's how shock absorbers function in an ATV suspension system:
Dampening Compression:
When the ATV encounters a bump or compression in the suspension, the shock absorber compresses. This is the compression stroke. The shock absorber resists this compression to slow down the rate at which the suspension compresses, preventing the ATV from bouncing excessively.
Dampening Rebound:
After compression, the shock absorber extends, resisting the rebound or extension of the suspension. This is the rebound stroke. The shock absorber's role here is to control the rate at which the suspension extends, preventing the ATV from bouncing back uncontrollably.
Oil and Valving System:
Most ATV shock absorbers contain oil, and they often use a valving system. The valving system controls the flow of oil within the shock absorber. When the shock is compressed, oil flows through small ports or valves, creating resistance and slowing down the movement. The valving system is crucial for adjusting the damping rate.
Adjustable Features:
Many ATV shock absorbers come with adjustable features such as preload, compression, and rebound adjustments. Preload adjustments allow users to set the initial compression of the shock absorber based on the rider's weight and load. Compression adjustments control the resistance during compression, and rebound adjustments control the resistance during rebound, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension to their preferences and riding conditions.
Spring Component:
The shock absorber often works in conjunction with a spring. The spring supports the weight of the ATV and provides additional resistance during compression. The shock absorber then controls the rate of compression and rebound.
Terrain Adaptability:
ATV shocks are designed to adapt to various terrains. The damping characteristics can be tuned to provide a smoother ride on rough trails, prevent bottoming out on jumps, and enhance overall stability during aggressive maneuvers.
In summary, ATV shock absorbers function by controlling the movement of the suspension through dampening compression and rebound. They use oil and a valving system to provide adjustable resistance, and the spring component works in conjunction to manage the weight and terrain conditions. Adjustability features allow riders to customize the suspension to their preferences and the specific demands of the terrain they are navigating.

What are the different types of ATV shock absorbers?

ATV shock absorbers come in various types, each with its own design and characteristics. The choice of shock absorber type depends on factors such as the ATV's intended use, rider preferences, and the terrain it will be traversing. Here are some common types of ATV shock absorbers:
Coil-Over Shocks:
These shocks feature a coil spring that surrounds the shock body. The coil spring provides support to the ATV's suspension and helps absorb impacts. Coil-over shocks are common on many ATVs and are adjustable for preload.
Gas Shocks:
Gas shocks, also known as gas-charged shocks, have a chamber filled with nitrogen gas to reduce the risk of cavitation (formation of air bubbles) in the shock oil. This design helps maintain consistent damping performance, especially during rapid and repetitive movements.
Air Shocks:
Air shocks use compressed air as a spring medium. Riders can adjust the air pressure to customize the stiffness of the shock and tailor the suspension to different riding conditions or load requirements.
Reservoir Shocks:
Reservoir shocks have an external reservoir that houses additional shock oil. The reservoir provides extra fluid capacity, helping to dissipate heat more effectively, which can be beneficial during intense off-road riding. This design is often found in high-performance and racing applications.
Piggyback Shocks:
Similar to reservoir shocks, piggyback shocks have a smaller external chamber attached directly to the shock body. This design allows for increased oil capacity, improving heat dissipation and overall performance.
Rebuildable Shocks:
Rebuildable shocks are designed to be disassembled and serviced. This feature is valuable for enthusiasts who want to fine-tune their suspension or replace worn components.
Twin-Tube Shocks:
Twin-tube shocks consist of an inner and outer tube. The inner tube contains the shock piston and oil, while the outer tube acts as a reservoir for displaced oil and gas. This design helps maintain consistent performance by separating the oil and gas.
Mono-Tube Shocks:
Mono-tube shocks have a single tube that houses both the shock piston and oil. These shocks are often associated with high-performance applications, offering better heat dissipation and consistent damping.
Electronic Shocks:
Some advanced ATVs feature electronic shocks with adjustable damping settings. Riders can control the shock settings on the fly, adapting to different terrain conditions or riding preferences.
Progressive Shocks:
Progressive shocks vary their damping characteristics based on the force applied. They provide a softer response during lighter impacts and progressively stiffen as the force increases.
The choice between these types of ATV shock absorbers depends on the rider's preferences, the ATV's intended use, and the desired level of adjustability and performance.

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